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Hi! Working Girl

This is a comedy with Ken in it (although Alan Luo is the main actor).


Yi Ling is a simple, innocent girl with thoughtfulness and consideration, believes that the root of people in this world are all good, that there are nothing in this world that could not be solved. Her "taking charge" personality is the most suitable for the company's General Affairs Department. However, the colleagues in the General Affairs Department are all weird people, a supervisor who loves to yell at people, an adorable but with false glory girl who values money and a senior who thinks about marrying herself off all day long. They all like to bully Yi Ling, pushes all the work toward her, but Yi Ling has never had any complaints. She feels that it must be that she's not smart enough, doesn't strive hard enough, so her work and censure are both a tool to train her, is a process that she must go through in her life.

Taken from DramaWiki.

23 episodes total

Subbing Progress:

Episode 01-12 - Released!
Episode 13- pending...