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  • These are free fansubs for your enjoyment. We are not getting paid for it. You certainly shouldn't be getting paid for it.

  • Feel free to link back to us.

  • Feel free to repost our direct download links. More downloads = link stays alive longer. However, please credit us if you do so.

  • Please redistribute the files as is and do not reencode them, cut them, etc.

  • Please do NOT repost the files on streaming video sites.

  • We are only providing hardsubs. We do NOT plan on releasing softsubs. So please don't ask

FAQ & Support

Click here to check our FAQ & Support Page, if you want to know how to download, how to play MP4 files and etc.

That's it Enjoy! If you have any other question contact us!

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Hi! Working Girl
Poor Prince Taro
Love Scar