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The Start of Flower Rain

Flower Rain is thought up and brought together by JenEm, an avid F4 fan. The purpose of this fansub group is to fansub dramas whose actors are members of F4, four Taiwanese actors who became instantly famous through their roles in Meteor Garden. These four people are Jerry, Ken, Vic, and Vanness.

At the time of its conception, the group was still unnamed, and it was difficult to start something that was not even named. For many months, JenEm tried to recruit members, but fansubbing can be a difficult and arduous task and it wasn't until recently that several new members joined who really got the ball rolling on the first two projects of the group: Hi! Working Girl and Poor Prince Taro.

We are, therefore, very proud to announce that we have finally started the subbing effort and hope to release episodes very soon.