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Mp3s of Poor Prince Taro & Hi! Working Girl

The Download Page was updated and now you'll find available download links for MP3s of "Poor Prince Taro" and "Hi! Working Girl". We'll be adding MP3s of "Love Scar", "Say Yes Enterprise" and the other dramas Flower Rain is subbing, soon. For now, enjoy the following songs:

Jolin Tsai - Shuo Ai Ni
The Opening Song of "Hi! Working Girl" sung by Taiwan's Pop Princess, Jolin Tsai.

Jolin Tsai & Jay Chou - Bu La Ge Guang Chang
Jolin and the great singer and composer, Jay Chou, singing together this funky song also known as "Prague Square". This is an insert song of "Hi! Working Girl"

Alan Luo - Ni Suo Ni De Wo Suo Wo De
Alan Luo's song that is also the ending song of "Hi! Working Girl". He's not also funny and good actor, he sings well too! Check this song!

Dragon 5 - I want to Hold your Hand
A cool version sung by a pop group from Thailand of the famous Beatles Song, which is also the opening song of Poor Prince Taro!

Annie Yi - Ni Shi Wo De Xing Fu Ma
A beautiful and soft song by Annie Yi. This is the Ending Theme for Poor Prince Taro and the title means "Are you my fortune?".

Poor Prince Taro Extra Songs
2 Unreleased songs of Poor Prince Taro, one instrumental romantic song and Taro's background working song "Money Money"

To Download these Mp3s Check our Download Page