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!!! Updates !!!

Okay... so here's a little update about us!

Like many of you have noticed already... we haven't been releasing anything for a while... this is mainly because we're lacking active translators!

I (JenEm) am really tired of e-mailing people to remind them about their tasks.. if they don't want to do it.. why join a fansubbing group at all?!
So until we find some translators.. there won't be any more releases of Hi! Working Girl!!!

I believe that we do have finished translations of Poor Prince Taro.. so I'm going to further work on them ASAP.

Also, as you can see.. we've dropped Say Yes Enterprise simply because we're too little active members and a user called kaguya on D-Addicts already released 4 episodes.. which you can find here => Click Me :P

It would be useless to release a 2nd version of the same drama.. this way we can concentrate on our current projects!

I think that's it for now!
thanks for your understanding and hope you keep supporting us guys
yours sincerely

P.S. If you have interest in joining us for faster releases feel free to visit the "Contact Us" page ;)